You Should Stop Doing These Things To Your Skin


    All we desire is beautiful and flawless skin, don’t we? We all feel the pain deep down when all we want is smooth skin and suddenly a giant red monster appears on the face.  We often get a little lazy while taking care of our skin. Our sensitive skin needs the constant care, love and attention. Our busy schedules and carelessness towards our skin often leads us to doing stuff that messes up with our skin. It definitely doesn’t take much time to and effort to take care of your skin but just following a few things would help you and your skin.

    list of things that you should be aware of and shouldn’t be doing to your skin

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    1. Avoid Cotton Pillow Covers

    Let’s not deny the fact that you need proper sleep for flawless skin but at the same time, pay attention to the pillow cases. The use of cotton pillow covers leads to more friction and hence more creases that result in the dust mites. This further leads to rashes and break outs. Instead of cotton pillow cases, use satin pillow covers.


    2. Excess Make Up

    Like we all know, excess of everything is bad. Too much makeup leads to blocking the pores, hence not allowing the skin to breathe.


    3. Using The Wrong Products

    Make sure the products that you rely on for your skin suits your skin type. Don’t just go with any product because your friend or someone known is using it. Make sure it is for your skin type before you start applying it.


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    4. Don’t Sleep With The Makeup On

    Always remember to take of your makeup before you sleep. Keeping your makeup on while sleeping clogs the skin pores and stops the skin to clean itself which it does while we are asleep.You wouldn’t want to wake up with the red monsters on the face, right?


    5. Don’t Touch!

    Don’t unnecessary prick, touch or fiddle with your skin. However much you try and keep your hands clean, they accumulate dirt and germs. The dirt in your hands leads to formation of acne.


    6. Don’t Just Depend On Skin Products

    You need to realize that the skin products are not the only solution to your flawless skin. Go natural. Eat the right food and have a balanced diet. Pay attention to what you intake, drink lots of water and exercise well.


    7. Hot Showers

    Some of us love spending hours and hours in the shower but spending too much time in the hot showers can affect your skin. The hot water can make your skin dry and flaky. Protect your skin from the dryness and damage; instead take a bath with luke warm water.


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    Take care of your skin and pay the attention it needs. Write to us if you want to know more about skin care in our comment section.