Why You Should Ditch Your Denims For These 5 Palazzos


Have you decided your closet for summer? If you are scared of heat and thinking how to avoid it then you should ditch your Denim for these 5 Palazzos. Palazzos are both comfortable and stylish.

Let us get into some history and know from where did Palazzos come from. Palazzos are not new to the fashion industry. Coco Chanel, a famous designer first sported Palazzos and it a fashion trend from there on.

Here is why you should ditch your Denim for these 5 Palazzos

1. Flared Palazzo


If you love the flashy and colourful look then you should go for flared palazzos. You may find a lot of people who will tell you’re looking weird in these flared palazzos but who cares, you have to wear what you love not what others want to.

Flared Palazzo can be a good style statement if you wear it to work. If you are not thinking it to wear to the office then you can probably wear to when going out for shopping. Flared Palazzos can also be your beach style and it goes well with your tank top or even a black or white T-shirt.

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2. Palazzo Trousers


Office wear was never so fashionable, stylish and comfortable. Palazzo Trousers are by Women Working (purposely instead of Working Women) with a formal shirt which looks very stylish and is comfortable. Girls, don’t shy away from wearing heels with these Palazzos. We have so many choices to wear at work and at home. If you love printed palazzo then nothing like it.

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3. Palazzo Tie-ups


Palazzo Tie-ups which looks a skirt from the front and divided pair of trousers from the rear end. Women at work prefer Palazzo Tie-ups for ethnic days or you can even try these at kitty parties at your place. These go well with flip-flops, kurta or even a simple plain T-shirt. A style statement anyways.

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4. Culottes


Culottes are knee-length palazzos and mostly available in khadi and cotton. These go well with basically everything and on every occasion. Every time you wear Culottes, it feels new and takes your fashion trends to a next level. You can try Culottes with a handloom bag, hand-made jewellery and wedges, As you might have seen in several fashion shows.

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5. Layered Palazzos


Are you a type of girl who can carry a messy look? If yes, then Layered Palazzos are for you. These fancy palazzos go well with sleeveless kurtas. Layered Palazzo’s complement jewellery with just eye makeup. Make guys go woohoo with this Casual look of yours.

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The most important thing while selecting your Favourite Palazzos is to select a good fabric i.e, georgette and cotton. We know you love the printed ones, you can go for floral motifs. If you want to show your abs then go for crop-top with your Favourite trousers. Short or petite girls and women should go palazzos which are shorter in length with heels and flats for tall women.

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