5 Ways To Revive Your Career After Having Kids

I have seen many women relaunch their careers after having kids. It’s very difficult to go back to work after 3 months of maternity leave and which is extended to 6 months and few women even leave their job for their baby. It’s never too late to kick-start your career and start fulfilling your dreams.

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Here are 5 Ways To Revive Your Career After Having Kids

1. Work as an Intern for sometime

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Internship is the best way to gain your confidence back and reach to companies after a long gap in professional career. There are many women who get to a high-level post just after internship programs.

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2. Take online coaching

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Now-a-days Online coaching is very easy and quick learning experience you can get after a long break. Many professional coaching’s and conferences are held online to help women revive their careers after having kids.

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3. Reach out to as many people as possible

Several companies offer jobs through reference or through word-of-mouth. You never see few vacancies being advertised on companies website or job search websites. So reach out to your network and as many people as possible. Try to attend webinars, join groups on social platforms etc.

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4. Submit your resumes to recruiting firms

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You are a strong women who knows who to balance both career and family. You are a flexible women with work experience. You have lots of opportunities out in the world, submit your resumes to recruiting firms or even on recruiting websites.

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5.  Keep updating and improving your skills

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Keep researching on what’s going on out in the market and your career field especially. Getting a certification will definitely help in reviving your career.

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