5 Types Bracelets Every Girl Should Own

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Bracelets are meant to be jewelry on your wrist and reflect the beauty and emotions of your life. A round loop of material worn on wrist are loved by girls and important accessory in a girls wardrobe. These are replacing bangles and must have for every girl for different occasion and chic fashion accessory.

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Here are 5 Types Of Bracelets Every Girl Should Own And Get Complete Chic Look

1. Bangle Bracelets

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Bangle Bracelets are the ones worn in groups. They are made of glass, plastic, wood, metals, etc. We can get these in different colors and materials. These are popular with any age group and loved by girls for the cling when worn together.

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2. Beaded Bracelets

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These are made up of beads connected to each other by making a hole in center of the beads and passing a small thread to each on of them. Mainly used by Buddhists and some say that they can help in controlling mind activities and concentrate on what you do.

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3. Link Bracelets

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Designed by expensive brands like Swarovski, Tiffany, etc. Link bracelets are twisted beads on the chain that are linked together to make a bracelet.

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4. Pearl Bracelets

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Girl with taste for antique’s and traditional jewellery will definitely love Pearls. When worn these will compliment the whole you. Comes in different ranges and imitation pearls are much cheaper than the originals.

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5. Wristwatch Bracelets

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These have a watch in between the usual charms or strands. A great pick for all the girls and also gives a chic look. It can usually be a cuff ones or Multi-strand ones with a watch in between.

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