17 Things Everyone Should know About Low Carb foods


    Low card diets or Atkins Diet are probably the most confusing ones because there are many misunderstandings and vexed myths surrounding it. Here are some important notions you need to keep in mind regarding the Atkins diet.

    17 Things Everyone Should know About Low Carb foods

    1. Paleo Is Not Low-Carb

    Low Carb foods

    Paleo is a devised diet and not a usual one. So, before you consider it to have a natural effect on health, think twice because it is a myth.

    2. Low Carb foods Is Not Always Natural

    People often believe that human society would thrive on meat and less on carbohydrate during the ancient period. However, historians say that most societies would try to have as much as carb as possible, so it is best to have a balanced diet.

    3. Low Carb foods On Neurotic Problems

    There are quite a few neurotic problems where low carb diet is mandatory and helps in the process. Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease are some of them, and especially the brain injury related traumas.

    4. Effective For PCOs

    Low Carb foods

    Low carb foods work wonderfully for women suffering from PCOs. Although this is an oft-overlooked issue, it is a serious one nonetheless.

    5. In Fighting Diabetes And Obesity

    Obesity is a serious issue for most people nowadays, and it often leads to high blood sugar as well as both kinds of diabetes. Low carb foods is an obvious resistive force.

    6. For Some Conditions, Not All

    For certain diseases, the low carb or very low carb diet works wonders. But for others, it may not be the best solution to provide. So, don’t give it a status of panacea.

    7. Avail Professional Assistance 

    Low Carb foods

    Rather than suddenly preparing the diet chart for yourself, take the help of someone experienced, either physician or dietician, to know if you are fit for it.

    8. Varied Applications

    For some people, such a diet should be practised in a long-term manner which would benefit them immensely. However, some people continue beyond suggested period and ends up facing adversity.

    9. High Carb May Not Be The Problem

    Reverse logic doesn’t work all the time. It’s the same with this case. Having diabetes restricted by low carb diet doesn’t mean the person suffered from high carb consumption.

    10. Who Doesn’t Need Low Carb Diet?

    If you are eating whole grain carb from sources like fruits or plants rich in starch and you seem to be fine, then don’t start eating low carb diet to lose a few kilos.

    11. Low Carb Is One Of The Methods

    Low carb diet does help in certain conditions. However, even for those conditions, it is not a must but only one of the sufficient therapies.

    12. Processed Carb Often Demand Low Carb Diet

    If you had too much processed carb like flour, then you may end up needing a healthier diet more than ever.

    13. Carb Doesn’t Make You Fat

    Low carb makes you slim; high carb makes you fat- this binary is baseless. If you are having plenty of carb as honey, you will not gain weight.

    14. Don’t Overhype It

    Many dieticians go with the flow and recommend low carb diet with anything. Remember, it can end up disturbing your normal metabolism.

    15. Listen To Diverse Users

    Try to find out low carb diet stories with proper user backgrounds to know the diverse effects of it.

    16. Variations Of The Diet

    There are other variations of the diet like ketogenic and very low carb diets which are reserved solely for special patients.

    17. Low Carb Is About Quality Not Quantity!

    In the case of low carb diet, you eat the best and not in the biggest amount. So, you need to keep track of your food consumption.

    18. Choosing The Right One

    In short, there are several myths and misleading advice that circulate anonymously. Don’t fall in the trap and choose your low carb diet wisely.