Why These 10 Pairs Of Sun Signs Are Better Off Not Falling For Each Other


    Sometimes the relationship starts with fireworks and in the middle of it; you tend to overlook all the problems that have started simmering between you and your partner. You can’t predict the future, and nothing can help you in foreseeing it. But if you believe in sun signs, here are 10 pairs of sun signs are better off not falling for each other since they aren’t compatible together.

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    Why These 10 Pairs Of Sun Signs Are Better Off Not Falling For Each Other

    1. Taurus and Aries – Imaginary and Rational

    Pairs of Sun Signs

    This pair of sun signs is always locked with their horns when together. Aries are passionate, independent and daring while Taurus is creative, practical and loyal. Their approach to the relationship is different. Aries takes it to be fun while a Taurean wants to be sure of their stand in it, which often irritates Aries. Aries dare, but Taurus wants to be practical and rational.

    2. Taurus and Sagittarius – Diligence and Optimism

    Pairs of Sun Signs

    Sagittarius Are cheerful, patient and optimistic. They love their family but prefer a distance while Taurean sacrifices a lot, and that often becomes the matter of fight among them. Sagittarius easily gets bored with the practical and busy lifestyle of Taurus.

    3. Taurus and Leo – Never Gets Satisfied with Each Other

    Pairs of Sun Signs

    Both Taurus and Leo are equally stubborn and seek loyalty and affection. What doesn’t go well with a couple of these sun sign is that they are both receivers and rarely gives in. Leo requires high-level dedication, and Taurus is too stubborn to give such high dedication to them. They are never satisfied with each other.

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    4. Gemini and Capricorn – Two Opposite Directions Never Settle at A Common Place

    Pairs of Sun Signs

    Capricorns are straightforward and can upset you with their blunt comments. They are not exciting as Geminis want their partner to be. Capricorn believes in planning while Gemini goes with the flow. This makes Capricorn consider Gemini childish, causing conflict.

    5. Cancer and Aquarius – Straightforwardness Doesn’t Entertain Emotion, Thus Calls for Fight

    Pairs of Sun Signs

    While these pair of sun signs are cautious, and hence they will point out your mistake in front of the crowd. Their fierce independence makes Cancer feels not needed. Cancers are emotional and over protective and feel less important due to it.

    6. Leo and Scorpio – The Issue of Ego & Attitude

    Pairs of Sun Signs

    Scorpio is funny, friendly and imaginative while Leo is confident, flirty, fun and sexual. Scorpions always try to put their point, and the flirty nature of Leo makes them jealous. The career oriented attitude of Scorpions annoys Leo.

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    7. Virgo and Sagittarius – Entirely an Unhealthy Relationship

    Pairs of Sun Signs

    Virgo is passionate, helpful and caring while Sagittarius is carefree and can hurt your feeling. Sagittarius likes going on long vacations sometimes alone or with friends that offend Virgo. Sagittarius is unpredictable and likes fun in the relationship while Virgo hates that.

    8. Cancer and Capricorn – It’s Like the North Pole Vs the South Pole

    Pairs of Sun Signs

    These two are poles apart and always seems to be at war. Both are born leaders, but there can be only one leader in a relationship. Capricorns are stable, patient and believe in reality while Cancer is all about dreams and changes.

    9. Aries and Scorpio – A Major Dispute of Opposite Viewpoints

    Pairs of Sun Signs

    Aries are violent while Scorpio wants a soft and loving relationship. They have opposite viewpoints and hardly agrees on something same. This causes a lot of stress and dispute between them.

    10. Pisces and Virgo – It’s complicated

    Pairs of Sun Signs

    Pisceans love, caring and respectful and hence find it difficult to see eye to eye with Virgo. Pisces are dreamy and sensitive while Virgo is critical creating differences between them. This pair of sun signs is very difficult to live with.

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