What to Eat and What Not to Eat During Periods

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Periods can be very excruciating. Especially when you have to work all day long without much to...

Scribble: Ignite the Positive Social Change Through Writing Competition

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Scribble (By Prodios in association with GirlsXP) is a unique initiative to provide you with the right channel to communicate...

How Should You Treat Yourself On Weekends, Based On Your Astrological Sign

Instead of blindly accepting invitations to parties and events on weekends, Try to block out the urge...

9 Things Only A Would Be Bride Will Understand

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Marriages are a huge thing, not just in the sense that they are huge ceremonies but also...

7 Hair Color Ideas To Nail in 2017

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We, women, love having our hair on point and with so much experimentation happening with new trends,...

5 Types Of Earrings Every Woman Should Own

5 Types Of Earrings Every Woman Should Own
For any woman having an elaborate collection of jewelry is a must. Every woman revels and takes...

Maninder Dhaliwal, A Leading Woman Corporate Director In Canada – From Ludhiana!

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GirlsXP in its endeavor to serve its readers, inspirational and successful stories of women, is honored to...

7 Things Every Girl Wants To Hear From Him

If there is one thing that drives men nuts, it is trying to figure out what a...