Many of us are perpetually confused as to which lipstick color is our go-to shade. Getting your hands on the ideal lip shade is what dreams are made of! Every skin tone has an undercurrent of either hold tints or cold ones. Depending on these undertones, we always tend to look better in certain shades and not so good in the others. But don’t you worry because I have the perfect color guide for you. Lipsticks are a woman’s best bud after diamonds. We really cannot do without a mesmerizing pout.

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Your skin has a secret language that reaches out to certain lip colours. Let us decode that right away!

  1. Fair Complexion

The little snow white of the gang might have a tough time selecting the perfect lip color so the contrast between her complexion and the lip color isn’t too bright! Fair skins can go for the classic red having undertones of cool colors like blue. Light shades of nudes like beige, light baby pink and light peach also work well for such tones.

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2. Medium Complexion

This moves a little towards the olive skin tone but isn’t as deep as olive. This tone is a little more free to experiment. Colours like red, medium pinks that are more on the cool pink side, orangery peaches and apricots nudes and browns are your thing!

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3. Olive Complexion

The Indian skin tone is the perfect example of Olive complexion. You beauty, you’re in for a ride! the latest fad of berry shades is something that you can flaunt with so much ease especially if you have fuller lips. Other hues like dark reds, bloody browns and warm pinks would become your perfect side kick.

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4. Dark Complexion

Congratulation woman! You’re one of the most wanted skin tone! All those bold and dramatic shades took wonderful on you. If you have a slight bend towards crazy colors and playing around, you’re blessed! Drake berry and plum shades, dark yet bright fuchsias, deep apricots and earthy browns would look like a treat on you!

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Have some specific lipstick shades to recommend? Go all out in the comments section. I’d love to splurge on a few new shades myself!