Menstrual Cramps – 5 Diet Tips For Easing The Pain


    It feels like a bad day. You are bloated. Every part of your body hurts and you’ve got menstrual cramps. Congratulations, period just hit. We are all familiar with the jolts of PMSing. From unbearable cramps to the cravings that take you on a ride, Periods are a test of will power.

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    Since God has been a little merciless towards women, we need to take charge of our body. You’re all too familiar with what happens when your period hits: Your stomach cramps, your cravings go on a ride to the moon, and certainly eating healthy food seems like one herculean task.

    Anyway, on a lighter note, let me help you with a few diet tips on how to make the period cramps less hurtful.

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    Here are 5 Diet Tips For Easing The Pain

    1.Did Someone Say Coffee?

    Menstrual cramps
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    So, you say “No.” Well, I know coffee is warm and soothing, but it has caffeine which causes the blood vessels to contract and also makes the uterus tight. And all these will result in even painful menstrual cramps. So, the next time someone says coffee, you say “No.”

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    2.Take a Break From White Grains

    Menstrual cramps
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    We all have been always told to avoid rice during periods, right? Here’s why. Consumption of white grains can lead to inflammation as they interfere with the sugar levels of blood. Not only that, Menstrual Cramps can also lead to sudden cravings and mood swings.

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    Add On: If you really want to consume grains, you can opt for brown rise or brown bread.

    3. Sigh! No Ice-cream!

    Menstrual cramps
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    Ice-creams cause inflammation too which can result in severe cramping. Not just that, since it is a dairy product, it’s high in fats which can add a few inches to your already bloated body. Sad but true, No ice-cream!

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    4. Sorry About The Preserved & Crispy


    Menstrual cramps
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    Oh yes, those irresistible finger fries need to be kept away for those painful days as they contain high levels of sodium, which of course can cause the stomach to bloat and also result in water retention.

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    Add On: Feel like eating something crispy, eat the nuts!

    5. Brownie Love Becomes A Myth

    Menstrual cramps
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    Brownies, donuts, chocolate fudge, and even the cookies, are packed with trans-fat which means they increase the estrogen level in the body worsening the period cramps. And of course, the bloating! Even though they give us that momentary pleasure, but no!

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    Bonus Tips:

    • Drink 8-10 ounces of water each day
    • Sleep much in order to relax your body and mind
    • Consume healthy food like fruits and green vegetables

    Happy Periods!

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