7 Qualities You Can’t Resist In A Sagittarius Woman


    We’ve all come across that one jumpy, super hyper friend who is always on a spree for a new adventure. The one with the charisma, bold personality and that gullible bubbly nature. YES a Sagittarius woman tops the fire sun sign charts with her witty yet scintillating aura. She is dreamy and sees every little thing through the rose tinted glasses. Watch out for a Sagittarian woman as she will make you feel irresistible with her on point vibe.

    Look out for the qualities in a Sag woman that make her irresistible

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    1. Life of every party

    She kills every party with her goofy and wild nature. She is the heart throb of the party and effortlessly brings the rave to the party.

    Sagittarius woman
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    2. Endless new adventures

    She is on a roll when it comes to travelling places and exploring. She wants to reach out for different places with an urge to see the unseen.

    Sagittarius woman
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    3. Plain-spoken

    A Sagittarian woman never holds back what she has to say. A clear minded soul knows exactly what she wants to say and says the truth without having to worry about anything. She doesn’t believe in sugar coating her words. Straight forward and to the point, Let’s cut the crap?

    4. Nails the charm levels

    Her magnetic and alluring nature is what attracts a person. She is a sophisticated, delightful- pleasing woman.

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    5. Anything for the loved ones

    Definitely! She could jump all the water puddles to bring smiles to those who are close to her. Believes in spreading happiness and would go out of the way to make people feel special.

    6. Stronger than you think

    A Sagittarius woman comes across intense but has a heart full of emotions. She knows how to handle her sorrows and would get through each hurdle even stronger than before.

    7. Childlike innocence

    Her gullible, naïve and unworldly nature makes her stand out among her friends. She comes across as a passionate and zealous woman but at the same time has a heart that talks like a child.

    Sagittarius woman
    Source : pexels.com

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    You’d have the best time around a Sagittarius woman. let us know about your experience in the comments section below.